icn-outsourcingFor firms that need to bridge a gap in their organization or simply get coverage without the increased payroll, Core Bridge pares its full scale offerings down to specific areas of the business:


Core Bridge helps clients jumpstart a marketing campaign, expand fundraising efforts, or simply organize the process into an efficient use of time, including:


  • Firm material created and/or maintained (Presentations, Fact Sheets, DDQ, etc.)
  • Investor pipeline management
  • Database profile management
  • Investor letters created

Investor Relations

We assist with both potential and existing investor relationships including:


  • Onboarding new investors and funds including side letter negotiation
  • Performance calculations and PB/Custodian reconciliation
  • Fund analytics performed – AUM breakdown, attribution, portfolio turnover, exposures, etc.
  • Responses to investor inquiries and audit confirm requests


Core Bridge designs an effective control environment based on trading strategy, fund size, and potential investor mix.  We offer topic specific help as well as full scale solutions designed to meet regulatory requirements and mitigate risk.  A cross section of issues addressed:


  • SEC Registration
  • NFA Exemptions/CFTC Registration
  • Blue Sky filings
  • ISDA Protocols
  • Form PF
  • Global Registrations e.g. FSA, SEBI, FSC
  • Marketing Material Disclosures
  • Proxy Voting
  • Valuation Policies
  • Code of Ethics